Quality Brake Repair Services in Gower, MO

Brakes are one of the key safety features on your vehicle. You can trust Ford techs for expert auto care. Brakes are designed to slowly wear as you drive, regular maintenance of your entire brake system is vital. Come by our Gower Service Center and we’ll start with a free brake inspection to determine if your vehicle needs any maintenance. If you suspect your car is having any brake issues, get a second opinion today. When your vehicle isn’t stopping like it should, or the brakes feel spongy, stop by our service department for an honest evaluation and excellent auto repair service.

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Brake Inspection

Your car’s brakes are an essential component to safe driving and brake maintenance must be taken seriously. We recommend having your brakes checked before a small issue develops into a serious problem. It’s important for the safety of you and your family to have your brake concerns addressed immediately. With regular maintenance you will notice abnormal wear and tear on your brake pads, allowing you to address them before an issue becomes dangerous.

Ford Techs Know Brakes

When you bring your car to Dennis Sneed Ford for brake service we will assess the damage and give you an estimate of the work required. Then we will install new brake shoes and pads, re-surface the rotors and drums and test drive the vehicle. More extensive brake problems might include replacing the master cylinder or servicing the anti-lock brake systems. Our Gower techs use original Motorcraft parts designed and engineered for Ford vehicles, delivering optimum performance.

Feel free to ask us any auto repair questions before we work on your car, we want you to bring your car in for service with confidence. Call us at 816-207-3673 to set up a service appointment or fill out our online service form.

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